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Tapestry Canvases & Tapestry Kits

Tapestry is usually worked in tent stitch, where only half of the cross is stitched.  It is often worked on a printed canvas.

You will find a range of Tapestry Canvases and Tapestry Kits within the tapestry department. We have a wide range of Tapestry Canvases including canvases from Gobelin-L, Diamant, Royal Paris and Vervaco.

The Gobelin-L Tapestry Canvases and Diamant Tapestry Canvases are the brands of choice for tapestry canvas enthusiasts. They are printed with a traditional screen printing technique which ensures the colours are bright and distinct making it a delight to stitch! Gobelin-l have also been extremely helpful in ensuring their charts contains the instructions for using both Anchor and DMC Tapestry Wools, Anchor and DMC Stranded Cotton and even Anchor and DMC Soft Cottons.